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Recently, the manufacturing industry can be characterized by “Green technology, Low cost and High productivity." In particular, in an automotive industry, the application of advanced materials for lightweight is increasing. In aerospace and shipbuilding industries, advanced material technologies suitable for small quantity batch production are also required. In addition, energy, power generation, and construction industries require advanced technologies that reflect these industrial trends.

Our “Advanced Material Processing and Additive Manufacturing (AMPAM)” laboratory is conducting researches on Additive Manufacturing (or 3D printing) that has recently become an issue worldwide. In particular, we are actively conducting industrial researches on Directed Energy Deposition (DED), a representative metal additive manufacturing technology.  

In addition, we are interested in high-precision and high-productivity materials processing technologies for eco-friendly and lightweight use. In particular, we are working on the optimization of metal forming process by utilizing numerical simulations based on the finite element method (FEM). The structural design and analysis, die/mold design, and impact simulation, which are constantly in demand from industries, are also covered as research topics. 

This laboratory maintains close industry-academic cooperation with businesses in various fields (shipbuilding, marine, automotive, electronics, etc.), and has a network that enables cooperative research with government-funded research institutes as well as universities. From this partnership, students are provided with opportunities to participate in R&D projects and to experience various research and practical experiences related to industrial applications.